How To Solve a Puzzle

Most of our puzzles are about filling a grid with numbers or symbols according to specific rules. There is always one unique solution which you have to find.

Imagine you would just "guess", that is, enter some parts of the solution without full certainty: You would probably soon encounter an error and have to erase it all (except if by chance you were right with every guess, which is highly improbable). So you will have to proceed differently: By deduction. Find parts of the solution of which you can say for sure – based on logical arguments – that they are correct, and enter them in your grid: You just made another step towards the solution.

On the main page, you can click on a puzzle type to get a detailed explanation and eight or more sample puzzles, which you can also download as PDF for printing. Also take a look at our Daily Puzzles, where we publish one or two new puzzles every day, also downloadable as PDF.

If you are able to read german, you could also read our "Sommerrätsel" articles where we explain a typical procress of finding a solution.

Have fun!