Engage your readers with high-quality logic puzzles

Logic puzzles are an effective means of building long-term engagement with your publication or online medium.
Our customers can choose from
  • Familiar classics like sudoku and crossword + a wide range of innovative new creations
  • Various levels of difficulty: Easily enjoyable or seriously challenging
  • PDFs for print publications + modern web apps

Seamlessly integrates into [any medium / your content]

We deliver single PDFs, full page layouts, and customised HTML5 applets.

We ensure your team can integrate our products with minimal effort:
  • short reaction time: We can deliever within a few working days
  • Flexibility: Our full-page layouts and applets are highly customised to fit into our We also make highly customised solutions (layouts and applets)

We deliver PDF-Files ready for printing, which include puzzles, solutions (if needed of the previous day) rules, difficulty level and numbering in an individually designed layout, of course in vector graphics and with embedded fonts. Thereby we can guarantee a maximum of quality and a minimum of work for the editors.

12 years of experience

Customer voices

“ We've seen that our readers increasingly often take the paper home, because of puzzlephil's puzzles. ”

   — Heute, free tabloid newspaper (Austria)

“ We have no other supplier who offers a comparable variety of puzzles in such outstanding quality. ”

   — Puzzler Media, major publisher of puzzle magazines (United Kingdom)

“ The new puzzle page has been received extremely well by our readers and quickly become indispensable. ”

   — Die Presse, broadsheet newspaper (Austria)